Tuesday, 5 February 2019

logic of the ketogenic diet

Our body usually gets the energy of glucose, when it is exhausted begins to get it from fats; But what happens when leather does not find glucose ?, begins to burn fat. This is the logic of the ketogenic diet https://foodsocietyx.com: that the body does not find carbohydrates and that it is in a permanent state of fat burning.

Those who wish to lose weight is important that only perform this diet for short periods of time, not greater than 50 days, as it could lead to health problems and lack of essential nutrients. It is important not to do it in any way if you have health problems such as hypertension, high cholesterol, heart problems, diabetes, among others.

incorporating the hydrates

However, I do not mean that I do not see it as suitable for who and when, but diet should never be taken as a solution to weight problems and carried out without supervision by a nutritionist who balances it, making sure that there are no nutritional deficiencies and go incorporating the hydrates.

Can I lose 10 kilos in 5 days? If you ask questions of this type or think that you are going to make a diet and in two weeks you will lose all the kilos of more you have https://fitcrasher.com, you will not be able to have a good start and when those days pass and you see that you did not lose the 10 kilos in 5 days you will feel frustrated and unmotivated.